Meet Liz Video

Interested in learning about Liz’s path to Scranton and ultimately the Mayor’s race? Listen to her tell the story about why she chose to make Scranton her home.

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Campaign Photo Round-Up

The past few weeks have been packed with celebrations of truly inspiring people, organizations, communities, and businesses. The campaign trail has been such a bright one. Check out a round-up of some of the stops from the past two weeks alone!

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#AskLiz Series Launch!

Do you have a question that you would like to ask Liz? Submit it here, or on Twitter using the hashtag #askLiz! Liz will be answering a portion of the questions in a series of videos that will be posted to her YouTube channel.

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You be the Judge with Todd O’Malley

Todd O’Malley was kind enough to spend some time recently talking about the Mayoral race and Scranton’s economic future. It was an interesting and engaging hour!  You can check out all four segments here:

Segment 1:

Meet Liz Randol – Democratic Candidate for Scranton Mayor. In this segment, Liz talks about how her campaign is going, what she is hearing from Scranton voters, the “crisis of confidence” Scranton is experiencing, and Downtown Scranton as the city’s newest neighborhood.

Segment 2:

In this segment, Liz talks about her analysis of Scranton’s financial challenges, bankruptcy, union contracts, and the possibility of a Scranton Summit.

Segment 3

Liz discusses not being from Scranton originally, why she chose Scranton as her home, using Scranton’s strong industry clusters to strategically attract new businesses, and the primary responsibilities of Scranton’s Mayor.

Segment 4

Liz talks about what she would hope to accomplish as Scranton Mayor after four years.

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Another Fabulous First Friday!

April’s First Friday Scranton was a great one. This month’s theme was College Night and it brought out a ton of exciting work from local students. The turnouts just keep getting bigger and better.

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